Mediació internacional

CLINTON: Zapatero, I offer myself as mediator.

ZAPATERO: Yes, yes. I like this idea. You have prestige.

CLINTON: Yeah, and I am not very expensive.

ZAPATERO: Then, I accept.

CLINTON: That’s right. Well. What’s the top of the negotiation?

ZAPATERO: The top is nothing.

CLINTON: What? Nothing?

ZAPATERO: Nothing.

CLINTON: But you should excarcellate prisoners, or celebrate a referendoom…

ZAPATERO: No, no, nothing. They make a complet surrender and we don’t make nothing.

CLINTON: Oh, that’s great!

ZAPATERO: Yes, is the spanish method. Look at the catalonian statut process.

CLINTON: Oh, yeah, it’s incredible, you’re the one!

ZAPATERO: Oh, please… Is a question of balls!

CLINTON: I see, I see… Then, is it already necessary my presence?

ZAPATERO: Sure! With your support all looks more democratic!


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